Cast Your Vote: Which Perfect Match Was Are You The One?'s Biggest Surprise?

We have one thing to say about tonight's finale: whoa

Not since the red Solo cups have we had a greater Are You The One? comeback.

The New Orleans gang came in to tonight's season finale with only ONE perfect match under their belts (good on ya, Tyler and Nicole) and a lowly five out of 11 light beams. We could have sworn this cast was on the verge of pulling a Season 5. But thanks to math whiz Keith, they actually did what felt like the impossible and pocketed a cool million. Pop that bubbly!

And while a few perfect matches made perfect sense (Zoe and Ethan, Audrey and Shad, Keyana and Michael, Diandra and Kareem, to name a few) others had us pretty floored.

Take, for instance, Alexis and Anthony. Um, come again? The West Virginia native spent most of her time obsessing over canoodling up to non-PM Keith, not to mention engaging in nanosecond-long flings with Joe and Michael. We can't recall these two even sharing so much as a hello. And Joe and Uche (yes, the same Uche who was all up in Clinton's dreads) came as another shock, along with Nurys and Dimitri.

Which twosome made you look twice? Vote up or down below (pick the most shocking for the top slot!), and stay tuned with MTV News for more Are You The One? action! (Reunion special, anyone?)