Did Teen Mom 2's Leah And Jeremy Get Back Together?

Adalynn's parents played coy when asked about their relationship status during tonight's reunion special

Leah may have gone on her first post-divorce date during this Teen Mom 2 season. But are those courting days over -- and has the mother of three reunited romantically with ex Jeremy?

During tonight's reunion special, Adalynn's parents spoke with host Dr. Drew. When the young dad -- who was remote and talking to Leah and Dr. drew via video chat -- stated that he was no longer with his on-again off-again girlfriend Brooke, the addiction specialist couldn't help but ask if he and Leah (who seemed chummier than usual) had rekindled their relationship (relive it below).

First they denied it, but after Dr. Drew continued to press Leah and Jeremy didn't quite kiss and tell. A smirking Leah slightly nodded her head no, while Jeremy didn't utter a word.

"We just get along," Leah finally stated (after a bit of a silence), with a grin.

"This is f**king awkward," Jeremy added.

"I think it makes for great intrigue," Dr. Drew told the duo. "People can draw their own conclusions."

So we don't exactly have a yay/nay when it comes to their status. But what do you think? Are Leah and Jeremy back together -- or are they platonic? Take our poll below and share your thoughts in the comments!