Should Jenelle Have Appeared With Barbara At The Teen Mom 2 Reunion?

The mother of three departed the taping early with her husband

Jenelle and her mother Barbara have sat on the same Teen Mom 2 reunion couch many times -- but during tonight's special, the two did not appear together. The reason: Jenelle and her husband David departed the taping shortly after the mother of three's solo sit-down with Dr. Drew.

So why did the couple hightail it out of the studio? The addiction specialist had asked Jenelle about not extending a wedding invite to the MTV grandmother ("I don't have any care in the world how she feels," she said), why David differs from other men in her life ("He's very protective and passionate about his family," she stated) and, in Dr. Drew's words, her "history of being attracted to aggressive men." And it was the latter topic that pushed David over the edge as he watched his wife on a screen backstage.

"He's trying to make her upset, and it's pissing me off," Ensley's father stated (as seen in the clip above).

But before Jenelle could sit down with her spouse -- or Barbara -- David approached her and quietly informed her that he was leaving.

"You can come or you can stay," he told Jenelle quietly.

She then excused herself to Dr. Drew and walked off with David -- and didn't return.

"I cannot mentally do this anymore," she told executive producer Larry. "And you can hear that from my therapist."

Despite Larry pleading with the duo to "talk," Jenelle and David drove away. But that didn't prevent Barbara from appearing with Dr. Drew.

"We wanted to have you and Jenelle out here together to try to sort things out, but that didn't happen," he told Barbara.

"It's not going to happen," Barbara firmly stated.

Despite their differences, which have extensively been documented on the series, should Jenelle have stayed at the taping so that she and her mother could have discussed their feelings? Or was this not the best forum for them to try to move past their bad blood? Sound off in the comments, and don't miss Part 2 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion next Monday at 9/8c.