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Some Lucky Taylor Swift Fans Already Heard Reputation — What Do They Think?

'Everything about this album is a secret,' Tay told fans

Are you ready for it? Taylor Swift's Reputation finally arrives Friday (November 10), and Selena Gomez isn't the only person giving the album a thumbs-up. Over the past year, Tay's been hosting listening parties, called Secret Sessions, for 500 lucky fans.

A new YouTube video gives you a sneak peak into these exclusive events in London, Los Angeles, Rhode Island, and Nashville. Prepare to feel all the FOMO. Your invite must've gotten lost in the mail, right?

"Everything about this album is a secret," Swift told fans in London. These parties are for the most dedicated, loyal Swifties. One duo even flew in from Ireland to attend. Being one of the first people to hear Reputation in its entirety is a big deal, after all.

"She blew my expectations out of the water," a fan at the L.A. Secret Session said. "Also cannot find a favorite [song]. Every song is a freakin' masterpiece, and we all were speechless."

"Oh, it's absolutely insane," echoed another Swiftie. "It's exactly what everyone's saying it is. Like it's so different, but it's so her. ... I'm so excited to blast it in my car every single day once it comes out."

At the very least, these glowing reviews should get you pumped for Reputation's release in four days. In the meantime, please enjoy this MTV News interview with Swift and Jack Antonoff, her partner-in-crime for several songs off Reptutation and 1989. Did you spot his cameo at the Secret Sessions?