Bella Thorne Pouts, Kicks A Dude Out Of Her Life In Liam Payne's 'Bedroom Floor' Video

She is both famous and in love in the clip

Liam Payne's newest single, "Bedroom Floor," is all about a relationship that seems over until it becomes very clear that it's actually not. Through sex, mostly: "We're always on and off until you're on me," the lyrics go.

And though Payne himself haunts the video looking scowl-y and forlorn in a haze of love, there's another star whose sad face does just as much of the emotional heavy lifting: Bella Thorne.

The star of Freeform's Famous in Love is the centerpiece here, cursed by a back-and-forth relationship with a guy who doesn't seem to truly care about her. For every steamy pool smooch there's a nasty argument in a beautiful, wildly expensive kitchen, and so forth.

That's what Payne narrates as he sings on top of all the action, winding in and out of Thorne's social gatherings like a shadow Gatsby: "You said it was over / But your clothes say different on my bedroom floor." By the end of the vid — no spoilers! — it's clear that the bedroom floor doesn't just have to be a place of resignation for the status quo. Check out the full clip above.

Payne's debut solo LP has still not been announced, but seeing as this is his third release since May, you can bet it's likely not far off.