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Mark Ruffalo Wants To Hang With The Stranger Things Kids Like Everyone Else


Mark Ruffalo is celebrating his latest Marvel triumph with the release of Thor: Ragnarok this weekend, but it appears that he's had time to binge-watch everyone's favorite supernatural thriller series in his precious moments of downtime.

Like pretty much every other person with a Netflix login on the planet, Ruffalo is a fan of Stranger Things and spent time with some of the show's cast this week in the days leading up to his own premiere. Because he's not a regular Hulk, he's a cool Hulk, he cracked a joke:

And whoever's running the Stranger Things Twitter account responded in kind.

Ruffalo ... tried? He tried.

And David Harbour would absolutely be down with Ruffalo joining the Stranger Things cast as Chief Hopper's brother, too.

We see it, even if a Stranger Things/Avengers crossover just plays out in our minds — and our Twitter feeds.