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Kendall Jenner's Birthday Boots Fused Her Fave Looks From Paris Hilton And Rihanna

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Kendall Jenner turned 22 on November 3, and she stepped out to celebrate another year around the sun with her family and friends in some boots that shined bright with a zillion diamonds.

She's had the sparkly kicks for awhile, but she couldn't have picked a more perfect night to wear them given how they're more or less the footwear version of her Paris Hilton-inspired birthday dress from last year and another pair of shoes that she and Rihanna have in common.

Let's rewind. Kendall's birthday look was the perfect high/low mix, with her cropped tank, her well-worn jeans, and her $10,000 Yves Saint Laurent boots that Ri also has tucked away in her closet. When the pop star was touring behind Anti in 2016, she favored bold, thigh-high statement boots, and Kendall took a page from her playbook then, too.

Beyond the Rihanna connection, the boots were a perfect fit for a birthday celebration, in that their aesthetic is the same as last year's epic birthday look. Kendall clearly likes to glitz out on her special day, and if you were to take her custom 21st birthday cocktail dress, through it over a pair of go-go boots, and find yourself a glue gun, the result wouldn't be too far from the YSL stunners.

If there's any day to dance in diamond shoes, it's your birthday. Happy 22nd, Kendall!