Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for Sony Music

Did Harry Styles Cast A Mini Harry In His Next Music Video?

Based on the suit, we'd say that's a pretty good chance of a YES

Harry Styles is almost as invested in his incredible suits as he is his music, so it's hard to find fault in him creating opportunities to celebrate his distinct style — and recreating as many of his iconic looks as possible.

Styles hasn't dropped a music video since he flew through the air with the greatest of ease with "Sign of the Times," but now, he's enlisting the help of some children to make the visual for "Kiwi" one to remember. There's not a ton of info to go on beyond him sharing a couple of images with "KIWI" written out twelve times as their captions. One of those images is a shot of a kid named Beau rocking a smaller, impeccably tailored version of one of his custom Gucci suits.

(We dare say his long locks give Styles's a run for their money.)

Before that, he posted a pic of his presumed video cast, which includes more little dudes and dudettes. Some are rocking some awesome threads as well, though none their suits seem to be mini copies of outfits existing in Styles's closet.

Hurry up and get here, November 8. We want to see what these guys are up to and what Styles has planned for "Kiwi" already!