Are You The One? Mean Girls: Are The Ladies Being Too Hard On Geles?

Regina George would be proud

What do you get when you put 11 women under one roof? In the case of Are You The One?, a little drama and a whole lot of cattiness.

On tonight's episode, Geles suddenly found herself ostracized by the other ladies, a move that surprisingly hit after she received a taste of her own medicine at the wild Turn-Up bash.

Here's what happened: The former Texans cheerleader lost it when her ex Anthony kissed her BFF Zoe, so she turned right around and pursued Uche's no-match boy toy Clinton. Quipped Uche, "Why do you have to go talk to every single person that has a connection to somebody else just to make Anthony jealous?"

In Geles' defense, she strongly feels the dreadlocked model could actually be her perfect match after bonding on their getaway date -- but she's also torn over Michael (yes, Audrey's Michael). Mere hours after it was revealed that Audrey and Michael were no more (that darn Truth Booth, at it again), Geles swooped in and the two made out during confessional. While Geles immediately told Audrey what went down, A's wounds were still fresh, and she wasn't about to cut Geles any slack. And neither were any of the ladies, including G's bestie.

Said Zoe: "I wasn't even letting myself enjoy the kiss with Anthony because it might hurt Geles, so for her to do the same thing and be totally hypocritical about it and to not even apologize? I think that's really bitchy."

An angry Audrey even tried to kick Geles out of the room while the girls were getting ready, dubbing it "not a safe area," while Jada called her "real shady." It kind of brought us back to this iconic Mean Girls moment:

All Geles wants to do is play the game and leave with a little "money and love." Are the girls going a little too Regina George on Geles, or are their words warranted? Comment with your thoughts (or some of your fave Mean Girls GIFs), and find out what goes down with Geles next Wednesday at 10/9c.