Shocker: Jigsaw Is Slaying The Halloween Weekend Box Office

Audiences are getting their horror kicks for the holiday

We're eight movies into the Saw franchise, and the makers of that blood-spattered series know how to give the people what they want: Jigsaw is topping the Halloween box office, as plenty of people are getting into the spooky spirit by going to the movies and scaring themselves senseless.

The horror flick brought in $16.3 million for its first weekend in theaters, over five times what the George Clooney-directed Suburbicon made, which also opened on October 27 and grossed $2.8 million. Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween took the second place spot after clearing $10 million, which opened October 20.

In short: People are extremely into seasonal flair onscreen, especially when they need something to do after finalizing their costumes and before trick-or-treating commences.

Jigsaw is set a full ten years after the (supposed) death of Jigsaw, the disturbed (and disgustingly inventive) murderer that turned brutal killings into a screwed-up game with the first Saw flick, which dropped back in 2004.

Given how many weapons make an appearance in the Jigsaw trailer and the fact that they literally rain from the sky at one point, it'll make for gruesome night at the movies — and a perfect fit for Halloween viewing, if you dare.