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Rihanna's Current Magazine Cover Is Inspired By One Of Her Tattoos

Queen Nefertiti forever — literally

Rihanna is an effortless cover girl and always looks incredible on the front of any magazine. But her latest, for Vogue Arabia, redefines timeless beauty in that she looks like she could take the throne in ancient Egypt any second.

The Vogue Arabia shoot for November's cover is inspired by the legendary Queen Nefertiti, and has Ri rocking a topper fit for a pharaoh, along with some smokey eyes that Cleopatra herself would covet.

This is a perfect stylistic fit for several reasons: Rihanna uses her own body to pay homage to Egyptian mythology and its icons, with a tattoo of Isis sprawling across her upper torso and a portrait of Nefertiti herself gracing her left side.

Rihanna, once again, looks like royalty — but this is a way more special shoot that shines for that personal connection, especially.