Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

PRETTYMUCH Are Waiting For A Text That Never Comes On 'Open Arms'

Plus, listen for the highest high note you'll hear all week

PRETTYMUCH, the boy band that's singing and dancing their way into the heart of their fans (who are called #BEANZ, by the way), dropped a new song on Friday (October 27) titled "Open Arms." It begins a cappella; this is important to note because even when the actual music enters around a minute in, you might not even notice — you may be too entranced by the group's hypnotic vocal rhythms.

The five guys in PRETTYMUCH — Brandon, Edwin, Austin, Nick, and Zion — sound perfectly in sync (lol) on this new track, which comes a few weeks after their last song, "Teacher," premiered. And over the summer, they made their first big splash with their '90s-inspired "Would You Mind" video, directed by Emil Nava, who told MTV News he "wanted [the video] to literally be our playground."

There's a lot to look forward to from PRETTYMUCH — they haven't even properly announced a debut album yet. But it's hard to believe it's anything but on the way.

Listen to the full song above, and check out the group talking to MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson about it below (around 5:40 in).