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Cyborg Taylor Swift Battles Herself In Heart-Racing '...Ready For It?' Video

Let the games begin

Taylor Swift is most definitely NOT afraid of lightning. Her new "...Ready For It?" music video, released Friday (October 27), transforms the pop star into a mechanical cyborg who shoots lightning from her fingertips. What a superpower.

Trapped inside a glass case of emotion, cyborg Taylor creates a mesmerizing lightning storm that puts thunder and rain to shame. Meanwhile, a second Taylor watches from the sidelines, plotting a confrontation with her robotic alter ego. What happens when they finally meet? Complete and utter chaos.

Just as "Look What You Made Me Do," the lead single off Swift's forthcoming Reputation, harkened back to her previous eras, "...Ready For It?" is littered with easter eggs. Eagle-eyed Swifties have found possible references to Joe Alwyn, director Joseph Kahn, snakes, and more.

Halfway through the clip, Tay mounts a majestic white horse, likely a callback to the horse she stood on in 1989's "Blank Space" video. And let's not forget "White Horse," a single off Fearless, her sophomore album released back in 2008. It basically feels like #TBT every time Tay drops a new piece of art, and Swifties eat it up.

The Old Taylor may be dead, but with all these masterfully orchestrated throwbacks, the New Taylor reminds us that her past will not be forgotten. If you'd like to revisit her Red era, please enjoy this rare 2012 interview with Swift, in which she talks about how love will always be a "huge theme" in her work.