Johnny Louis/FilmMagic

Please Appreciate This Video Of J Balvin Setting A Bunch Of Baby Turtles Free

🐢 🐢 🐢 🐢

It's important to take advantage of your downtime when you're a touring musician, as self-care falls by the wayside thanks to demanding schedules, a hallucination-inducing lack of sleep, rehearsals, and promotion — and that's not to mention the performances themselves.

For J Balvin, that self-care, apparently, can involve teeny, tiny turtles making the most epic of breaks into the welcoming surf. (He did not feed them pizza and teach them karate, as these appear to be perfectly normal turtles and not the mutant kind you find in sewers.)







Crush from Finding Nemo would be so, so proud.

MTV News recently caught up with J Balvin on the road, and he discussed Beyoncé's contribution to the "Mi Gente" remix, the international rise of reggaeton, and more with us in between shows. Check out his interview in full below.