Are You The One? Connection: Is Audrey The Perfect Match For Michael?

Because if she isn't, we know someone who might be willing to take her place (ahem Geles)

The moment of truth (see what we did there?) could be right around the corner for Audrey and Michael.

The lovebirds took first in tonight's Are You The One? getaway challenge, but their big win didn't come without some, er, hurdles along the way. Namely, Geles.

Audrey and Michael have been practically inseparable since week three (a long time by AYTO standards), just after the aspiring model broke it off with Keyana. That is, until Geles and Michael began bonding over carrots in the kitchen, and M truly let his feelings be known.

"Of course I want to hook up with Geles -- I've wanted to for a long time," he admitted. "But I can't do that. I'm with Audrey."

Audrey then confronted Michael about his flirt fest with Geles, at which point he assured her of his one-woman-man status. The two then promptly retreated to the Boom Boom Room for a little romp in the hay, because makeup sex cures everything.

When it came time for the Match-Up Ceremony, the Knoxville native further proved his loyalty to his ladylove by selecting Audrey as his PM for the upteenth time, resulting in a verbal altercation between Audrey and Geles.

Audrey's take? "[Geles] doesn't even care about Michael. She wants Anthony. She wishes Anthony would give her affection, but Anthony doesn't even want her f**king ass."

Nevertheless, Geles has every intention of pursuing Michael if Audrey is indeed his no-match. "I think it's been very apparent that Michael and I have this weird unspoken thing, so I think finding out if they're a perfect match will not only be a lot of validation for them, but for me," the fiery brunette confessed.

Assuming they do get voted into the Truth Booth, do you think Audrey will turn out to be Michael's match? Tell us your thoughts, and see what goes down next Wednesday at 10/9c.