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Harry Styles Fans Start #RespectHarry Campaign After He's Groped Onstage

This is so not OK

Despite the disturbing flood of news about sexual assault lately, not everyone seems to be getting the point. During Saturday night’s We Can Survive show — a star-studded cancer benefit concert in Los Angeles — Harry Styles was tearing through “Kiwi” when one overzealous front row attendee got inappropriately handsy with him.

In fan-shot footage from the show, Styles is seen approaching the crowd at the foot of the stage. One fan’s hand reaches out amid of sea of other hands and seemingly grabs the singer’s crotch, before Styles swipes it away and retreats to the stage. Here are a couple of different angles:

As footage of the incident spread across social media over the weekend, Styles’s passionate fans vented their outrage and came to the singer’s defense. Before long, the hashtag #RespectHarry started trending on Twitter as many fans labeled the interaction as sexual assault.

Styles has yet to speak out about what happened, but it’s good to see that the incident has triggered a larger conversation about assault and what you can and can’t do to another person, celebrity or not.