Case Of The Ex: Are You The One?'s Taylor Won't Let Joe Go

Old habits really do die hard

Ghosts of Are You The One? seasons past are haunting the New Orleans crew, and it ain't pretty.

While it's no secret that Joe once dated Taylor from Season 5 (yes, that Taylor), we were surprised by their bizarre dynamic during last week's episode, not to mention how territorial Taylor was over her ex.

While Joe said "it was the most twisted, sick, unhealthy relationship," and "there's no chance in hell" she could ever be his match, Taylor was singing a different tune. During an awkward meet-and-greet, the feisty Season 5 alum confessed that she fully plans on rekindling their romance after the show wraps. (No matter that she broke Joe's heart, according to him.)

But exes aside, Geles managed to really ignited Taylor's temper. After dodging a series of "dumb questions" (Tay's words, not ours), a threatened Taylor let a colorful array of vulgar insults fly at the brunette -- which is interesting, seeing as Geles has never expressed much interest in Joe.

Are you shocked by Joe's history with Taylor... and could there be a future there? Comment with your thoughts, and catch an all-new Are You The One? Wednesday at 10/9c.