How Did The Dirty 30 Final Compare To Previous Challenge Adventures?

CT, Cara Maria and Derrick open up about the Argentina competition

CT, Cara Maria and Derrick are in familiar Challenge territory: the finals. But before we see the veterans put it out all on the line for their share of the largest jackpot ever (no spoilers on how they fared!), how did the Argentina-based course compare to previous adventures?

"The most difficult thing about this final was the elevation," Cara Maria revealed. "Just trying to breathe was very difficult. In terms of the hardest final I've ever done, I still throw it back to Rivals I. I don't think anything has topped that."

CT agrees with the Bloodlines victor when it comes to the altitude.

"Especially for me, at 240 pounds, it takes a lot of oxygen for this body," the defending Invasion champ stated. "If I'm two miles above sea level, it felt like I was running with a pillow on my head."

Lastly, the sole Road Rules alum (who last tasted victory during The Ruins) embarked on a new type of Challenge competition on this anniversary installment.

"This is the first Challenge I've been on an as an individual competitor -- I've only been a part of a team," Derrick divulged. "It was an amazing ride, and the final was insane. I've never experienced anything like that."

To see how the trio -- as well as Camila, Jordan and Tori -- performed, don't miss Challenge XXX this Tuesday at 10/9c!