Are You The One? Blame: Did Keith And Alivia Really Do Anything Wrong?

The two locked lips -- twice, to be exact

No amount of voodoo magic could save what was perhaps the most awkward getaway date in Are You The One? history.

Tonight's episode saw exes and confirmed Truth Booth non-matches Alexis and Keith out on a group date in NOLA with unpredictable couple Alivia and Kareem. How did the double-date weirdness come to be, exactly? After winning the challenge, Keith selected his latest lady crush, Alivia, for the date, while Alexis (whose heart was still with Keith) chose Kareem to be her Bourbon Street boo in a likely bid of retaliation.

Later that evening, Keith and Alivia -- who wound up not being a match after all thanks to some Truth Booth action -- engaged in a little pre-date conversation and locking of the lips.

Then Alivia suddenly found herself smack dab in love triangle territory and immediately told Kareem about the smooch. His reply? "Just because I f**ked up before and you f**ked up before...does not make it okay." That's one way to say two wrongs don't make a right.

Fast forward to the date from hell, which saw Keith and Alivia canoodling and the other two stewing after Kareem broke the news to Alexis about the previous night's secret Keithivia kiss. Cue the ex-girlfriend's reaction:

The unhappy pair then confronted Keith and Alivia, resulting in tears, upturned tables and a litany of curse words. No matter that Alivia had already apologized once -- Kareem wanted his girl to grovel in front of her new man, something she was less than willing to do.

When Keith and Alivia later confessed to Terrence and the cast about sharing smooch numero dos during the date, the cocktails really hit the fan, and Kareem and Alexis found themselves shattered. "He's dead to me," the West Virginia native spat, while Kareem let loose another expletive-laced rant.

While it's understandable that Alexis and Kareem would be heartbroken, did Keith and Alivia actually do anything wrong? It is a game after all, one that has $1 million on the line. Sound off with your thoughts and watch an all-new episode next Wednesday at 10/9c.