Which Redemption House Castoff Will Re-Enter The Challenge Game?

After this week, the second-chance abode is hosting the competition's strongest men

Mount Olympus has come tumbling down, and the most decorated male Challenge champs are now all on the brink of elimination. The question is, which will come out alive -- and with a second shot at gold?

On this week's episode of Dirty 30, the game’s remaining players realized that the Redemption House was starting to resemble a Hall of Fame. Already, CT had been banished there alongside Dario and Leroy, and after Hunter won “Backstabber” and got the opportunity to dismiss a player of his choice, he elected golden boy Jordan to take up tenancy in the last-chance abode.

“Everything I ever had planned is coming to fruition,” Hunter said, shocked that the tides had turned. And once Jordan arrived at the Redemption House with Veronica, his fellow castoff, the dwelling's tenants proved to be equally as stunned.

“With CT, Dario and Jordan being here, it just made getting out this house 10 times harder,” Leroy said.

Still, there was more damage to be done -- and additional Redemption House beds that needed occupying.

After Hunter and Jenna, the day’s other winner, proceeded to vote Derrick and Camila into The Presidio, only two men remained as eligible opponents for D: Tony and Bananas. One would select the Double Cross and be safe, while the other would immediately be forced to square off against Derrick. And, with a bit of luck, Tony was spared, leaving Johnny as Derrick’s rival in “The Reel World.” The battle guaranteed yet another heavy hitter would soon be bounced from the game.

And both Derrick and Johnny felt the pressure, making barefaced admissions that they were scared to face off against each other.

“When you’re looking across at a guy who’s done 15 seasons and won six times, I’d be lying to say I’m not worried,” Derrick noted.

Still, he managed to keep his footing in the mini-game, which challenged players to spin one of two giant spools until they successfully yanked a respective 50-pound weight over one of two designated lines. And though the race was tight, it was Derrick who came out on top.

Now, while Derrick and winless contestants Hunter and Tony remain in the game, the Redemption House has taken in another decorated tenant in Johnny. But will Bananas be able to turn his luck around, or is there another Redemption House dweller who’s hungrier for a comeback?

Whaddya think: Will Challenge legends CT or Johnny Bananas claw their ways back into the game? Will golden boy Jordan prove he’s still got the Midas Touch, or will Dario or Leroy beat the odds and come through when it counts? Share your thoughts, and see which of these guys has got what it takes when The Challenge returns Tuesday at 10/9c!