This Teen Wolf Star Is Calling On You To End Corruption In Politics

"When Americans band together, we have the power."

Whether it's about Russia, emails, Wall Street, or private jets, political corruption has perhaps never been more present in the minds of everyday Americans. That's why actor and activist Max Carver (an alum of MTV's Teen Wolf) is calling "bullshit" on the hold that big money and the rigid political establishment have over the entire country.

"Americans have given into insurmountable partisanship," Carver says in a new video created by the non-partisan grassroots organization Represent.Us. "It's making us powerless."

Represent.Us says its goal is to "bring together conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between to pass powerful anti-corruption laws that stop political bribery, end secret money, and fix broken elections." The group's advisors and board members include high-profile figures from both ends of the political spectrum — including progressives like Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington, and Sia, and conservatives like Theodore Roosevelt IV, Richard Painter, and Mark McKinnon.

The video emphasizes that it's vital for folks from all sides to join the fight for a cleaner political system, one that's driven only by the interests of the American people. As Carver says, "When Americans band together, we have the power — the same power that built this country."