Here's How The Are You The One? Cast Is Making History (But Not In A Good Way)

Sucks to be them

Cat fights, bro brawls, love triangles and Boom Boom Room sexcapades have become the gold standard on Are You The One?, and Season 6 of the show is no different. But the determined New Orleans cast is paving its own way when it comes to Truth Booth results -- and that's not necessarily a good thing.

The 22 single guys and gals may have thought they were playing the game right but, in week six, they suddenly found themselves reeling from a single beam at the latest Match-Up Ceremony and stuck smack in the middle of no-match land... with a barren honeymoon suite to boot.

Just before sending an anxious Alexis and Keith into the Truth Booth during tonight's episode, AYTO host Terrence dropped a little reality check on the NOLA crew: "This is the furthest back that a cast has been in Are You The One? history," he said. "Y'all are one unit. The divided house [aka Kareem vs. Ethan-Joe-Tyler] will not win this."

And no more than five minutes after Terrence's truth bomb of a speech, the cast's sixth Truth Booth disappointment arrived:

Welp, that makes it official. Season 6 sucks at love more than any other AYTO cast in history. Side note: Season 1 came thisclose to being just as bad when they landed a whopping five negative Truth Booth results before the sixth was finally a win during week five -- when the cast was thrown a bone with a bonus Truth Booth test.

While there appears to be no bonus Truth Booth test for this gang, it is possible they could bounce back. A round of impromptu speed dating seems to have earned them a major increase in beams at the latest Match-Up Ceremony -- four to be exact. Might this lead to a perfect match next week? Find out next Wednesday at 10/9c.