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Watch Katy Perry Coordinate An Epic Onstage Marriage Proposal

Katy was so excited, she literally fell to the floor

Like Adele, Beyoncé, and countless artists before her, Katy Perry recently coordinated an amazing, mid-concert proposal for two lucky fans. And it was such an exciting moment that Perry literally couldn’t keep two feet on the floor.

During the Brooklyn stop of her Witness tour last night (October 11), Perry paused the festivities and pulled a lucky couple, Katie and Becky, onstage. The pop star promised to grant their wishes, and it turns out, Katie’s wish was to spend her life with her girlfriend, who was celebrating her birthday that day.

“I don’t know if you all have seen Becky, but she’s pretty, even without any makeup on,” Katie told the thousands of screaming fans. “And she’s perfect every time I look at her.”

You already know where this going: Katie got down on one knee and popped the question, while Perry simultaneously dropped to the ground in excitement. Thankfully, Becky said yes, and Perry took a celebratory selfie with the very giddy, newly engaged couple.

Katie and Becky’s surprise proposal was pretty epic to begin with, but it also took place on an especially meaningful date. As Perry pointed out to the crowd, yesterday was also National Coming Out Day. What better way to celebrate same-sex love and LGBTQ awareness than by, ahem, witnessing two women promise to spend their lives with one another?!