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Linkin Park Remember Chester Bennington With Carpool Karaoke Episode Filmed Days Before His Death

This is how Bennington should be remembered

One of the last things Chester Bennington did before he tragically took his own life on July 20 was to film an episode of Apple Music’s Carpool Karaoke with his Linkin Park bandmates. For weeks afterward, it remained uncertain whether or not the episode would ever air, but with the blessing of Bennington’s family, it’s finally here.

On Thursday (October 12), Linkin Park made the 23-minute episode available to stream for free on Facebook, explaining, “With the blessing of Chester’s family and his bandmates, we share this episode, and dedicate it to the memory of Chester.”

Bennington, Mike Shinoda, and Joe Hahn filmed their ride through Los Angeles with comedian Ken Jeong, a self-professed Linkin Park fanatic. They kicked it off with OutKast’s “Hey Ya,” before moving on to Linkin Park’s “Numb” and “In the End,” as well as the Red Hot Chili Peppers classic “Under the Bridge.”

Of course, there are also plenty of hilarious antics, like when the group stops for a silly dance break on the sidewalk and when they hop on a karaoke bus. Bennington appears in good spirits throughout the whole thing, talking about his signature “scring” (scream/sing) and the joy he takes in seeing his kids follow their dreams. At one point, he even calls it “the greatest day of my life.”

Given the context, the episode is hard to watch, but you have to think this is the way Bennington’s family and bandmates would want him to be remembered: laughing out loud and singing his heart out with his friends.