Are You The One? Catfight: The Claws Come Out Over Clinton

Now that Uche is out of the picture, Jada is ready to pounce

There's a special someone for everybody on MTV's Are You The One?. But during tonight's episode, Jada and Uche continued to fight over the same man: Clinton (flaunting those flawlessly coiffed dreadlocks).

Let's assess: Season 6 sweethearts Clinton and Uche originally had zero doubts regarding their compatibility; they actually spent the better part of their pre-Truth Booth date discussing children's names and the inevitable purchase of pets. Heck, even the cast was certain about this match made in heaven.

Well, everyone except Jada, who was ready to pounce, perfectly manicured claws and all, when the power couple's Truth Booth result came back as a big, fat NO MATCH. "I told you so," Jada said. "I'm always right. I should get a T-shirt, 'Jada's always right.'"

Jada wasted no time cozying up to Clinton, though she limited any interaction to a "casual conversation," trying to respect the fresh batch of broken hearts. When Uche caught wind of their brief time together, she went on a jealous rampage, asking Jada no less than three times what they discussed.

J's response? "Yo, why am I getting crucified? You comin' at me some kinda way. Don't come at me crazy."

Emotions then quickly skyrocketed across all parties, with Jada suddenly slamming walls and doors and any other whack-worthy inanimate object, while Uche fought back tears because her man clearly didn't have her back. Speaking of, Clinton also got upset, nearly breaking a glass in the process.

Enter Tyler: "People are crazy for no reason. What is going on?" (Our thoughts exactly, Ty.)

Whether or not Clinton, who later selected Jada during the match-up ceremony, can bounce back from this is questionable. And more importantly -- who will get his heart when the light beams have dimmed? Comment with your thoughts, and catch more Are You The One? drama next Wednesday at 10/9c.