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Catch Up On Your Serial Killer Trivia In This Exclusive Tragedy Girls Clip

Plus, check out the teen slasher's official theatrical poster!

What do two teenage sociopaths have to do to get their account verified? Well, if you're the @TragedyGirls, you kidnap a IRL serial killer and start straight-up murdering people.

In Tyler MacIntyre's biting satire Tragedy Girls, starring Brianna Hildebrand ( Deadpool) and Alexandra Shipp ( X-Men: Apocalypse), best friends Sadie and McKayla are amateur crime reporters hot on the trail of a deranged local serial killer in their small town. But when they find him, they decide that the best way to boost their social media following and get scoops on future victims is to start murdering people themselves.

After all, why sit around waiting for a serial killer to murder your friends when you can do it yourself and then be the first on the scene to tweet about it? Plus, how hard can it really be? Sadie and McKayla have been studying serial killers for years — as you can see in this unique clip from the film, exclusively on MTV News:

How's that for a bit of Serial Killer 101?

Tragedy Girls is Heathers meets Scream, a R-rated, subversive horror-comedy with equal amounts wit and style — and a healthy amount of blood. It's a true Gen-Z slasher. MTV News is also debuting the official poster for the flick, which includes the perfect tagline: "Friends who slay together, stay together."

Gunpowder & Sky

Tragedy Girls hits theaters October 20, just in time for Halloween.