Are Jenna And Kailah Suddenly Running The Challenge?

The BFFs sent Cara Maria into the Redemption House instantly and have Camila’s back pressed against the wall.

Just weeks ago, best Challenge friends Jenna and Kailah were battling against each other — backs both pressed against the wall — to stay alive. Now, thanks to Jenna’s Redemption House comeback, and a couple of critical wins, things are looking up for Jailah…and then some.

On tonight’s episode, thanks to a remarkable come-from-behind victory for Veronica, Kailah, Jordan, Tony and Britni in “Blackout,” power in the house began to shift dramatically. Almost instantly, the collective Team Green decided to use their win — which afforded them the chance to eliminate any two players from the game — as license for a power play. And in an instant, front-runners CT and Cara Maria were banished to the Redemption House.

“They’re not thinking long-term,” CT lamented. “They’re thinking ‘Oh, we have a chance to send CT home.’ No, I’m gonna come back and rip your heads off.”

And the bravado didn’t stop there. After Team Green proceeded to send Leroy and Jemmye into The Presidio in a shocking nomination ceremony spearheaded by Veronica, Jenna found herself in a tough place. Having drawn the Double Cross, she had to choose either Camila or Tori — both conceivable allies — to face off against Jemmye.

Rather than play it safe and throw the Are You The One? rookie to the wolves, Jenna decided to get her hands dirty, and send Camila into the elimination round (“If I don’t do it, somebody else is gonna do it to me,” the typically clean-playing Jenna rationalized).

Jemmye, who’d been trying to eliminate Jenna and Kailah for weeks, saw the move coming from a mile away.

“Now it’s gonna come back and haunt everyone,” Jem said. “People need to start listening to me. I’m the smart one.”

Sadly, the power play didn’t go exactly as planned for Jenna, and Camila knocked Jemmye out in a gritty game of “Body Check,” in which players had to sprint around a small path that included two collision sites.

“You call everyone a snake, talk about being a snake,” Camila spat at Jenna, middle fingers raised. “[Jenna and Kailah] are two pieces of f------ s---.”

Still, they might be two pieces of f------ s--- who have the game in the palms of their hands. Now, Camila is out of female allies, and even if her partner-in-crime, Cara Maria, does return from the Redemption House, Kailah said she felt strong enough to stave off her biggest competition.

“Honestly I think Cara Maria’s standing in the way of me being in first place,” Kailah said. “Everyone needs to realize that I’m someone to watch out for. If I can take out someone like Cara, then so be it. And if she ends up coming back into the house and gunning for me, then she’s gonna have to take me out herself.”

What do you think — are Jenna and Kailah officially running the game, and are Cara Maria and Camila officially counted out? Or, is Camila strong enough to hold her own, and could Cara Maria’s potential comeback spell out trouble for Jailah? Share your thoughts, and see how this shakes down when The Challenge returns Tuesday at 10/9c!