Will Teen Mom 2's Jenelle And David Make It Down The Aisle?

The couple encountered some major (and profanity-laden) issues on tonight's episode

Jenelle and fiancé David made the decision to tie the knot seven months after getting engaged, and the Teen Mom 2 couple worked as a team to efficiently get ready for the lifelong commitment. But during tonight's episode, last-minute preparations for the nuptials (which were taking place at the couple's brand-new home) created some tension between the imminent husband and wife -- something viewers had not yet witnessed surrounding the milestone event.

"They didn't bring the f**king dance floor," the enraged mother of three told David, as he attempted to sod the land.

Soon, TM2 co-executive producer Kristen asked what Jenelle what was wrong, and the 25-year-old unleashed.

"Until he acts like I exist, then I'm not filming anymore," the soon-to-be-bride told the MTV crew. "I want him to ask what's wrong with me right now. He doesn't care."

From there, Jenelle and David retreated off-camera and walked into an outdoor shed, but the cameras were still rolling.

"I'm sitting here in my own f**king head thinking about my mom all day long when I don't like that bitch," Jenelle stated. "I'm doing all of the planning by myself. I shouldn't have to do this all by myself."

And with that, Jenelle emerged and told the MTV production to please depart the premises. Kristen obliged and asked if they could return for the rehearsal later that evening, but Jenelle wasn't even sure if said gathering was happening. Her last words in the installment: "We can just cancel the whole f**king wedding."

How will Jenelle and David's wedding unfold? Be sure to watch the season finale of Teen Mom 2 next Monday at 9/8c.