Should Are You The One's Alivia Give Kareem a Second Chance?

After all, the suave fitness trainer is 'begging' for forgiveness

Alivia and Kareem's budding romance has hit yet another bump in the Are You The One? road. The cause: Kareem (and his perfectly manicured facial hair) spotted his ladylove flirting with Keith.

"I don't think there's one man on this Earth that doesn't get jealous. They don't want to see the woman they care for entertain another man," the fitness trainer stated. "I have all these feelings invested in you, and you just want me to sit around like a f*ckin bowl of fruit? It don't make no sense!"

So Kareem, who's no bowl of fruit, turned right around and entertained another woman during the cast mates' lingerie party, pulling a scantily clad Zoe onto the dance floor. One thing led to another, and they quickly found themselves making out in a massive walk-in closet.

When Zoe later told Keyana about their tryst, Key immediately told Alivia -- because, girl code -- and that's when all hell broke loose. The game of twisted telephone resulted in Kareem and Tyler, of all people, throwing some unnecessary punches.

When Kareem came to his senses, he immediately apologized to his girl: "I'm man enough to admit to what I did. But I'm human, and I'm begging you to forgive me."

Alivia, not wanting everyone to think she's an idiot for going back to Kareem, found herself torn. But the two still do have perfect match potential, so should she follow her heart and give it another shot? Or should she pursue another guy -- perhaps Keith? Sound off with your thoughts, and find out what goes down with these two next Wednesday at 10/9c.