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The Riverdale Cast Faced Off Against Miley Cyrus And Her Family And Things Got So Weird

Can you milk a kitten? Miley would like to know.

The cast of Riverdale played a game of Search Party on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night (October 3), facing off against Miley Cyrus and her family (sisters Noah and Brandi, her mama Tish, and her creepy uncle Jimmy). But there was hardly any rivalry between the "Younger Now" singer and her former Disney Channel bud Cole Sprouse. Although, at one point Sprouse did (jokingly) question the game's integrity.

Team Cyrus came out the gate strong, despite Lili Reinhart's strategic trash-talk, answering "Should I pierce my ____?" with the no. 1 Google search result "nipples." (Technically, Fallon actually typed "Nipplr.") But Team Riverdale eventually stole the point when Miley and Mama Tish failed to correctly guess the other search results. Honestly, I could listen to KJ Apa say "belly button" all day and never get tired of it.

Miley's impeccable knowledge of lactating mammals proved clutch for the next round (can you milk a cat?), but when it all came down to the third and final round, Apa once again led the team to victory, answering "Why are people afraid of _____" with the much more appropriate response, "spiders." Because DUH.

But major points to Sprouse who answered the above question with "me." Who hasn't Googled that at least once?