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Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Gets A Zany Workplace Parody Thanks To Nicole Richie

From NBC's 'Great News,' we now have 'Wash Dish, Bish'

Fall television season is in full swing, which means the zany NBC workplace comedy Great News, a 30 Rock spiritual successor, is back. The show follows a news producer as her mother becomes an intern at her office, not unlike (but also not really like) the 2015 Robert De Niro movie The Intern.

Unlike The Intern, however, Great News features Nicole Richie in a supporting role as well as many cast members from the early 2000s era of Saturday Night Live. And as a sneak peek at this week's episode promises, there's at least one parody of Taylor Swift's epic, blockbuster-spoofing "Bad Blood" music video to look forward to.

Here's the backstory. Richie's Portia Scott-Griffith is an anchor who's at odds with her news network's new boss, Diana St. Tropez (played by Tina Fey). The only reasonable way to settle this is, of course, to declare a "squad feud" and make a "Bad Blood"-style video — with Richie in the lead — that also stars characters played by Horatio Sanz and Chris Parnell. It's called "Wash Dish, Bish" (not to be confused with "Swish swish, bish," I guess?)

No word yet from Swift on her thoughts about the parody. The full Great News episode with "Wash Dish, Bish" airs on Thursday (October 5) at 9:30 p.m. on NBC.