Moving Out: Should Teen Mum Couple Mia And Manley Live Separately?

On tonight's episode, the young dad reached his boiling point

Things have gone from bad to worse for recently shacked-up couple Mia and Manley.

During tonight's Teen Mum installment, Marliya's parents continued to bicker as they attempted to reside under the same roof. But as the episode ended, the young mum tearfully confessed that she had reached her breaking point with the father of her child, while Manley decided to sleep elsewhere for the evening.

"Literally all we do is argue every single day," Mia stated to the camera after a squabble (it's unclear what prompted the clash). "It's not fair to Marliya because she's always in the middle of it."

"We were supposed to move in to our flat and be happy, but it has completely ruined us," she added. "I don't understand anymore."

While Manley didn't speak to the specific incident that prompted him to leave his loved ones, he did tell his mother Maggie (without Mia present) that she "does nothing" for their family in the home.

"She don't cook in the house, she don't clean -- she does nothing," a somber Manley said.

While Maggie tried to stress to her son that he and Mia are a good match, Manley seemed unconvinced. And his actions at the conclusion of the episode only proved that he needed space away from the mother of his daughter. But would living apart help the couple get through recurring issues (like Manley insisting Mia doesn't wake up in the middle of the night to tend to their munchkin)? Or should they stick it out in their residence and work together to repair relations? Give your thoughts in the comments, and keep watching the Southampton-based duo every Monday at 10/9c.