Should Tony Leave Bananas' Challenge Clique?

The 'Skeletons' alum mistakenly thought he was protected by the big alliance

As the pool of competitors slowly evaporates on Challenge XXX and the loyalty of remaining players is tested, Tony has found himself at the bottom of the Dirty 30 barrel. But is it time to give up on the alliance that’s gotten him this far, or should he treat their latest act of betrayal as an anomaly?

On tonight’s episode, the Real World alum, who’s so far worked alongside the likes of Bananas, Derrick, Jordan and Leroy, found himself in an uncomfortable position in The Presidio. Having lost “Saved by the Bell,” he was up for elimination, and Jenna, for one, thought it was unwise for him to expect any of his chosen teammates would spare him.

“I feel like he’s that guy in the clique where he’s kind of just, like, the bitch in the group,” the three-time finalist said. “Tony is very naïve when it comes to the boys. Those boys can kill his puppy, and he will still be right back in the room with them, having their back.”

And, to put it bluntly, the guys killed his puppy. Jordan, who’d already pulled the Double Cross twice, managed to do it again, and when push came to shove, he decided to sentence Tony — out of a lineup of four eligible competitors — to fight for his life against Dario.

“’The Challenge’ is a strange game,” Jordan said. “You could have to make a decision to send a good personal friend home, but they’re a s----- competitor. Tony is not a Number One, a Number Two or a Number Three at this point on most of these guys’ lists.”

And while Tony eventually bested Dario in “Web of Lies,” which challenged players to navigate a vertical obstacle course decorated with tangled rope and plastic wrap, he wasn’t settled and quickly discovered he might have a tough road ahead.

“I’m starting to realize I don’t know where I stand with these four guys, 'cause I don’t really feel like they’re gonna have my back,” he said.

And then, sensing his days were numbered, Tony found himself allied with Hunter, a strong player whose political game had been shot to hell and was seen by most of the house as a pariah.

“Now that Tony’s come back, he has one-hundred percent realized something about all the people that he thought were gonna have his back,” the Are You the One? export said. “He realized that he’s at the bottom of that totem pole and that he can be my Number One and I can save him.”

Said Tony: “My game’s shifted a little bit out here, and it’s leaning more toward me and Hunter. It’s better for myself to stay quiet and try to give myself a pull and throw one of these guys in before they can throw me.”

Whaddya think: Is it time for Tony to jump ship from Bananas’ alliance, and is it smart for him to lean on Hunter? Or should Tony stay put? Share your thoughts, and see how he progresses when The Challenge returns Tuesday at 10/9c!