Did Sassi Overreact On Darren's Teen Mum Birthday?

The young mother went off the rails at her boyfriend's surprise party

Birthdays are supposed to be a celebratory occasion and spent with those you love -- but unfortunately for new Teen Mum dad Darren, his new year began on a tumultuous note.

During this week's episode, Sassi's partner of four years traveled to Amsterdam for a guys' weekend before turning 22. And when he returned from said festivities, he told the young mum that he was "looking forward to getting into bed."

"I'm so annoyed -- it's like he hasn't missed us at all," Sassi stated in a voiceover. "And now he wants to sleep."

But little did Darren know that his ladylove planned a small bash with their little girl Zena'ya and some help from Sassi's mother and sister. He was happily surprised -- but the mood quickly turned sour when he opened his card.

"Do you know what I hate more than anything? People who do not read the front message," a frustrated Sassi declared, although Darren said that he did indeed absorb the heartfelt words. "You literally opened the card. You can't read that fast, surely not."

And that was enough to set off Darren -- he walked away from the intimate party to take a moment for himself.

"He should be happy to be home, literally doom and gloom," Sassi said while he stood in the kitchen nearby.

Sassi's mom Toni tried to calm her daughter (urging her to allow Darren to "relax a bit"), but it was to no avail. Sassi was hurt that he didn't even say "thank you"; Darren, meanwhile, said that she was "doing his head in" (British slang for being frustrating). But what do you think: Was Sassi too sensitive when Darren returned home, or was her reaction to his actions valid? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to keep watching the new Teen Mum additions every Monday at 10/9c.