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Haim's 'Little Of Your Love' Video Puts Your School Dances To Shame

They don't miss a beat

Step aside, "Cha Cha Slide." Haim have some serious moves to show off. In their "Little of Your Love" music video, released Monday (October 2), your favorite sisters hit the dance floor to boogie the night away underneath a disco ball. To film this elaborately choreographed scene, they teamed up with director Paul Thomas Anderson, who also helmed their recent Valentine short film.

"We've been fans of Paul's since the first time we watched Boogie Nights on TBS when we were kids (highly edited for cable TV lol)," Haim tweeted when Valentine came out. "Growing up he WAS the valley. We grew up on Magnolia Street! His films are our favorites."

"Little of Your Love," meanwhile, was shot at Oil Can Harry's, a bar in Los Angeles. It may not be a school gym, but the twinkly lights and abundance of streamers probably look familiar to anyone who's ever lined up for "Cotton-Eyed Joe."

Haim's choreography isn't quite as simple as the "Macarena," but with some practice, you'll nail it — you know, just in case they ever throw a dance party in your hometown.