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17 Times Lorde Put Your Witch Costume To Shame

She's casting spells left and right

Lorde doesn't wait for Halloween to let out her inner witch. Black lace, intricate mesh, and dark lipstick are part of her year-round aesthetic, whether she's chilling in her hotel room or casting spells performing across the globe. Being a witch is a full-time job, after all.

"People keep asking me what I will be for Halloween and my answer is that I am Halloween," the Melodrama singer tweeted last year, establishing herself as a spooky style expert. If you're looking for costume ideas this October, look no further. Perhaps one of Lorde's many bewitching outfits will inspire you.

  1. *Cackles wildly*
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  2. Even witches jump on hotel beds
  3. And dance like no one's watching
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  4. Kanye could be the Salem to her Sabrina
  5. Is it safe to conjure spirits onstage?
  6. Is she bewitching an army of Adidas sneakers?
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  7. Did she charm a spider into spinning the web on this dress?
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  8. Black velvet is one step away from a black cloak and pointy hat
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  9. But who said witches need to wear black, anyway?
  10. This veil is more enchanting than a hat, TBH
  11. Look! Now she's wearing the magical Adidas!
  12. Ah, so this is what witch athleisure looks like
  13. Gotta stay hydrated to cast all those spells
  14. Some of her friends are also witches
  15. Looks like the choker trend reached the witch community
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  16. The flying broomstick must've gotten cut out of this pic
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  17. BRB! She's flying around the world for her Melodrama tour!