Young Thug And Future’s New Video Is Basically A ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Ad

'Raw! Real! Uncut!'

The basis of Young Thug and Future’s “Relationship” is fairly straightforward: You can play the field and have one-on-one connections with as many ladies as you choose. Or, as they put it more succinctly in the song’s hook, “I’m in a relationship with all my bitches, yeah.”

In a new video for the song, the Atlanta titans prove that theory by hitting the ocean for a Girls Gone Wild-inspired romp. Shot in the same grainy style of the too-hot-for-TV films from the ‘90s, the visual opens with a fake VHS cover that reads “Raw! Real! Uncut!”

From there, we see Thug and Future partying with a pack of beautiful women who, uh, definitely aren’t shy. Good thing those “censored” graphics haven’t gone out of style.