Billboard Ranked The Next Generation Of Music Stars — Guess Who Tops The List?

The '21 Under 21' list honors your fave artists

The music industry is always evolving, and you can thank stars like Shawn Mendes, Lorde, and Khalid for paving the way. On Thursday (September 28), Billboard released their annual "21 Under 21" list, which honors young artists leading the next generation of music, no matter the genre. Mendes tops the ranking, followed by Lorde and Khalid, but everyone from Camila Cabello to Desiigner to Noah Cyrus to PRETTYMUCH gets a shout-out.

Mendes had some wise words about his win in a companion interview with Billboard. When asked about why teenagers are misunderstood, he had a brilliant response.

"Probably just the assumption that because we're young we don't have the life experience to understand certain things," Mendes, pictured below with Khalid, explained. "I think young people are able to be so in tune now with culture and the media with everything that's at their fingertips that if it's harnessed in the right way, a young person can if they work at it, learn faster and be as wise as anyone much older than them now."

Mendes went on to reveal the wise wisdom his older industry peers shared with him. "I think the best advice I've gotten is either from Ed Sheeran who early on told me to just keep working and not to stop," he said. "And Taylor [Swift] on her tour telling me that when you get on stage, everyone there just wants to have a good time, and not to stress much about it, it really helped my confidence."

Read Billboard's full "21 Under 21" list here, and watch one of Mendes' recent performances of "Patience" below.