Siesta Key Cliffhanger: How Did Alex Get Injured?

'What happened?'

Was that a cliffhanger or what?

Viewers got quite a shock during tonight's summer finale episode of Siesta Key when it was revealed that Alex had been hurt badly. Here's what we know: Mr. Bigshot Law Student (Madisson's nickname for her former beau, not ours) called his high school sweetheart (while she was mid-pedicure) to ask if she had a minute to FaceTime. As soon as Mad saw him on the video call, she was absolutely stunned to find him in such terrible condition (and her reaction was completely valid).

Another note: The pair's exchange was eerily similar to the interaction Alex had with his longtime pal Chloe (following her fight with Amanda) during the inaugural installment of the Florida-based series.

The eldest Kompocethras could be injured for any number of reasons -- and we're hoping he recovers quickly. But how do you think he got hurt? Offer your well wishes for Alex, and stay with MTV News for more Siesta Key updates.