Can Hunter Last On The Challenge Now That His Ally's Been Ousted?

The 'Are You The One' alum's high from a pair of wins quickly came tumbling down

Where The Challenge is concerned, BFF now stands for Best Friends: Fractured.

On tonight’s episode, which officially reintroduced former Redemption House tenants Aneesa and Hunter to gameplay, players found their fears of heights and water tested. In “Saved by the Bell,” four teams of four were tasked with traveling across a series of raised bell-like structures suspended REAL HIGH over the water. The team that managed to get the most players from one side to the other the most quickly would win, and be safe from elimination.

Two teams managed to get two players across (the others were a little bit less successful), but thanks to a lightning-quick set, it was Camila, Kailah, CT and Hunter who officially claimed victory.

“I picked a strong team, and I couldn’t be more proud right now,” Hunter said. “It was imperative that I get the W today.”

And while Hunter was riding high, his elation would quickly come crashing down. A night out at the bar made a mess out of Hunter’s lone remaining ally, Nelson, who drank way too much and, after returning to the house, tried to fight Derrick for seemingly no reason at all.

“I’m surprised that Nelson is this angry at me, at anybody,” Derrick, who was at a loss, said. “He pushed me, and then he punches me in the face. I think that, since he didn’t do so hot in today’s challenge, maybe it’s starting to build. At some point, people break.”

Nelson was ultimately sequestered in a hotel, but Hunter couldn’t escape the event. And his teammates suddenly came down hard on Nelson, insisting it was time to hold the Are You the One? vet accountable.

“He has these outbursts where it’s like, you’re creating a lot of waves, that’s my issue,” CT said, and Kailah and Camila seemed to be on board with casting a vote Nelson’s way. Still, Hunter wrestled with the prospect of sending his best friend home.

“My plan is to do whatever necessary to save Nelson,” he said.

Soon, though, the choice wouldn’t be Hunter’s to make, as TJ informed the group ahead of nominations that Nelson had been forcibly removed from the competition for his outburst. And suddenly, Hunter was forced to consider that siding with Nelson was a very expensive mistake.

So, with Cory and Nelson gone, Hunter is officially on his own — but could that be enough? Tell us what you think: Are Hunter’s handful of elimination and challenge wins enough to prove he’s got what it takes to survive? Or, was his alliance with Nelson his only shot at lasting through the end ? Share your thoughts, and see how Hunter plots out his next move Tuesday at 10/9c!