Lights, Camera, Action: The 90's House Gang Is Getting Musical

In a new sneak peek, hosts Lance Bass and Christina Milian explain the latest mission

Boy bands and girl groups ruled the 90's -- think Backstreet Boys, NYSYNC, TLC and En Vogue (to name just a few). And these types of musical acts, which were so prevalent to the dopest decade, are now getting a much-deserved tribute.

In a sneak peek of this week's 90's House -- which is celebrating all of the good and great from this timeless era -- hosts Lance Bass and Christina Milian tell the eager, millennial-filled cast about their upcoming mission.

"You are going to make a brand-new music video to one of the most iconic songs of the decade," the NYSYNC member tells the visibly excited crew.

But what are the rules for the challenge? And how does Mark -- who had quite the strategic crying outburst during Week 1 -- feel about the task? Watch the clip to find out, and don't miss a brand-new episode of 90's House on Tuesday at 11/10c!