Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Camila Cabello's New Costume Is Just As Red-Hot As Britney Spears's Iconic Catsuit

The 'Havana' singer was on 🔥🔥🔥

When Camila Cabello sauntered onto The Tonight Show stage Monday night (September 25), she didn't need much to wow the audience. Backed up by two dancers and one trumpet player, she performed her feisty single "Havana." The slow-burning track — off her forthcoming solo album, The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving. — normally features Young Thug, but your girl didn't need his rhymes this time. She replaced his rap verse with sensual dance moves she must've learned in, well, Havana.

To make things even hotter, Cabello's outfit was one step away from the unforgettable skintight jumpsuit Britney Spears wore 17 years ago in her "Oops!... I Did It Again" music video. Great minds think alike.

With Halloween right around the corner, perhaps Cabello will channel her inner Britney again. Last year, she went all out for the holiday and designed her own costume.

"I was basically a fat grandma that couldn't find her cat because she sat on it," she told Jimmy Fallon ahead of her performance. The get-up involved affixing a stuffed cat to her behind. You've got to give her points for originality, but she definitely stood out at the party she attended.

"So basically I walk in and it was like Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, these like models, and I just walk in like [I sat on a cat]," Cabello continued, laughing. "So then these two attractive guys came in ... I had this black turtleneck and pants under [my costume], and I just went to the bathroom and took it off. And then I came back and I was like, it was really hot."

Hopefully this year's costume inspires an equally hilarious story.