Rich Fury/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Chance The Rapper Debuts Music So New, It Doesn't Have A Name Yet On The Late Show

With some help from Daniel Caesar and a back-up crew

Chance the Rapper stopped by Stephen Colbert's Late Show on Monday night (September 25), which is cool, because it's always fun to see Chance on late-night TV (or TV at all — remember the Emmys?). This time, though, was extra special, as Chance performed a brand-new song he'd apparently just written two days prior.

Canadian R&B singer Daniel Caesar backed him up on guitar and vocals, and a squad of other musicians (including the group Thirdstory) rounded out the rendition of the quiet, confessional tune, which is apparently so new it doesn't even have a title yet.

Profiled against a deep blue background with his trademark "3" hat prominently visible, Chance sings and raps about his family and what's changed in the last few years of his life and even shouts out how being on tour makes him fret about his relationship with his young daughter: "She turning 2, she don't need diapers, she just need a papa / I really need a break, could really use a nap / My daughter barely recognize me when I lose the hat."

He trips up a bit around three minutes in but smiles and recovers gracefully — and there's something extremely endearing and exciting about an artist letting us experience something so new that might not even be all the way done yet.

As The Fader points out, Chance was scheduled to perform "Grown Ass Kid" but opted to write a new one in just a few days instead "for reasons I don't want to go into." He also mentioned he's been back in the studio, "cooking up some yammers" lately.

Update, 9/27: It has a name now! Chance tweeted on Tuesday that it's called "First World Problems." Now please enjoy.