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It Finally Meets Its Box Office Match In Kingsman: The Golden Circle

It's an evil clown vs. killer cowboy match-up, y'all

Sure, Pennywise may have the sewers under his demonic control, but it turns out even he has to take a backseat to Channing Tatum wielding a Southern accent, a Stetson, and a secret mission.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle — the sequel to 2014's popular spy jaunt Kingsman: The Secret Service — is on track to bring in $40 million by the end of its first weekend in theaters, earning the top spot at the box office for this week and keeping It from holding that claim for the third week in a row.

A drop-off was to be expected, and It's second place status is nothing to laugh at thanks to the $30 million it grossed over the course of the last three days.

The success of the adaptation of Stephen King's horror classic makes this victory for the Kingsman crew all the sweeter, though: It broke shortly after its September 8 release, trouncing all other King debuts in theaters to score the best opening ever for a horror title and any September movie opening to date.

So, Kingsman fans, if you haven't made your way to the theater yet, be sure to raise your popcorn and cheers Colin Firth's espionage skills. (Just don't chug your soda the way Halle Berry did at San Diego Comic-Con when she was promoting the film, because oof.)