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Diddy Encourages NFL Players To 'Stand Up For Each Other' After Trump's Insults

'If you all do whatever you do in unity, you can’t be stopped'

On September 22, Donald Trump called Colin Kaepernick a "son of a bitch," and followed that insult up with tweets criticizing the quarterback and activist for kneeling during the National Anthem before football games as a form of peaceful protest.

His Apprentice-invoking comments sparked outrage, with tons of people — including Kaepernick's mother — flooding social media with criticisms of the president's remarks. One of those people was Sean Combs, a/k/a Diddy, who called for "Team Love" and Kaepernick's colleagues in the NFL to respond to Trump with a show of solidarity.

In a video he posted to Instagram and a series of tweets spelling out his message, Diddy encouraged NFL players to use the massive platform afforded to them on Sunday, or game day. Diddy joins Jesse Williams, Issa Rae, Daveed Diggs, Jay-Z, and countless others who have encouraged NFL players to #TakeAKnee and voiced support for Kaepernick.

"I just want to send some blessings and also some support to all the players in the NFL," he said. "My message to y'all — even though you ain't askin', so, please receive it, because I rarely give it in this way — y'all got a chance to do something really, really, really, really, really great tomorrow."

"If you all do whatever you do in unity, you can’t be stopped," he continued. "Just do the math, man. Do the math, stick together, stand up for each other, ride with each other because believe me, we’re all we got and it has nothing to do with football or business. Y’all are our stars, y’all represent us, y’all are our strong heroes. So show that strength, please.”