Are Sassi And Darren Ready For A Teen Mum Marriage?

The young parents say it's time to be husband and wife

Is the first Teen Mum wedding just around the bend?

During this week's episode, Sassi and Darren (who have consistently argued and reconciled all season long) revealed their readiness to take a big relationship step. And the admission came as they prepared for a joint christening for Sassi and daughter Zena'ya.

"I really want to get married," the young mother stated to a priest as she and her beau toured a church before the religious occasion. When Darren was asked if he wanted the same, he said, "Definitely."

"We should just get married, make if official," Sassi added.

Fast-forward to the christening: Minus running late and a food mishap, it was a seemingly smooth and beautiful occasion for the family of three and their loved ones. And the topic of nuptials was raised again as Sassi performed a task that is often seen at receptions.

"Hopefully, the next time I'm cutting cake, it will be my wedding cake!" she told her guests as she sliced dessert, which prompted a "Wedding! Wedding!" chant.

While Sassi and Darren are seemingly in a much better place than they were when viewers first met them, saying "I do" is a major step for any couple. And as the two have yet to even get engaged, are they ready for this mature commitment? Or is best for them to wait to be united in holy matrimony? Take our poll below, write your thoughts in the comments, and don't miss them this Monday at 10/9c.