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Offset Threw Gucci Mane A Bachelor Party For His Upcoming ‘Met Gala’ Video

Gucci tells MTV News why Migos are 'the dopest group out right now'

Gucci Mane may have a new album, Mr. Davis, coming soon, but for his next music video, he’s revisiting his May mixtape, Droptopwop.

The newly published author told MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson that he recently shot a video for “Met Gala,” his Droptopwop collaboration with Offset. The vid’s premise? Simple: Offset threw Gucci a (presumably lit) rager to celebrate his upcoming nuptials.

“Offset threw me a bachelor party and we turned it into a video,” Gucci revealed, adding, “It’s just me and him and the people he had at the party.”

Gucci further dished on how “Met Gala” came about, explaining that it was actually recorded after “I Get The Bag,” his Mr. Davis collaboration with Migos.

“Offset wasn’t on ‘I Get The Bag.’ He was there that day but he didn’t do his verse that day,” Gucci explained. “So he was like, ‘We need to do a song together, me and you.’ And we went to the studio and made ‘Met Gala’ that day. It came out of nowhere.”

Migos’s work ethic in the studio majorly impressed Gucci — they recorded “I Get The Bag” in a single day and came up with everything on the spot — and working with Offset proved to be no different.

“He’s just driven and he’s super talented,” Gucci said. “The Migos in general, I feel like they’re the dopest group out right now. Individually, all of them are amazing. They’re so different, but at the same time, they’re all hard-working. One thing I can say about working with [Offset] by himself is, he’s serious. He don’t play around. He’s trying to make the best verse he ever made every time I’ve seen him in the studio.”

Keep your eyes peeled for the “Met Gala” video coming soon, and check out Mr. Davis when it arrives on October 13.