Macklemore And Kesha Get Campfire Cozy In ‘Good Old Days’ Video

It's the perfect goodbye to summer

With a title like “Good Old Days,” Macklemore and Kesha’s new collaboration demanded a video brimming with nostalgia — and they definitely delivered.

In the sun-splashed, Johnny Valencia-directed vid, Mack, Kesha, and their friends take the camping trip of your dreams. There’s stone-skipping and skinny-dipping galore, and it culminates in a fireside singalong that looks like it was put through Instagram’s Nashville filter. The whole thing is captured on an old-school Super 8 camera, giving it a flickering, vintage film vibe that only boosts the sentimentality.

Yep, the nostalgia is so real here, but if there’s one thing “Good Old Days” teaches us, it’s that there’s always better times ahead.

Macklemore and Kesha’s new video comes just one day before the September 22 release of Macklemore’s new solo album, Gemini.