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Niall Horan Is Lonely As Hell In His 'Too Much To Ask' Video

Sad Niall is Sad

Say you've recently gotten the heart ripped out of your chest, and you're riding the subway/bus/train/any given mode of public transportation all alone. The last thing you want to see is a smitten couple smooching or holding hands, as it may remind you of the love you just lost and that person you wish you were sitting next to instead of a perfect stranger (or no one at all).

Niall Horan gets it, and he gets it to the point where he just made a whole video that reminds you just how lonely heartbreak can feel.

For his latest single off his forthcoming solo album, Flicker, Horan shows us his vulnerable side — and a bunch of familiar scenarios to go with it. He shuffles his feet as he takes the escalator to the subway platform and finds his seat on the train. He loses himself in his thoughts at the pub with his mates, obviously distracted by the person who isn't there downing a pint with them.

Thankfully, he doesn't spend the video too stuck in his own head, and we're treated to an intimate jam with his band in a room that looks like it was ripped from the frame of a Wes Anderson movie (and one that desperately needs to be dusted).

The moral of the story: Don't make out on trains, but also do take a walk and hang with your friends when you're in the process of getting over someone. Or something.