Can Amber And Ste Maintain Their Positive Teen Mum Relationship?

Brooklyn's parents had a genuine breakthrough -- and we're hoping it'll last

Teen parents often struggle to keep communication open, but Amber and Ste made tremendous strides in this all-important part of healthy co-parenting during tonight's Teen Mum episode.

What prompted the change between Brooklyn's folks? After Ste found out that Amber was seeing someone, he had lashed out at his ex -- and the young mum cried to her mother about the "horrible things" he said. Fast-forward to this installment: Ste apologized because he "knew he was wrong," blaming stress for his impulsive reaction. When Amber said he couldn't take his issues out on her, the two resolved this isolated incident and agreed to move forward.

And the positive interactions only continued: At a counseling session, which was intended to help them work together to raise their son, the young exes experienced a breakthrough and were finally honest about their parenting abilities.

"I think you are a brilliant dad," Amber told a visibly touched Ste. "I don't think you realize how much of a good dad you actually are. I think you are incredibly supportive and will do anything for Brooklyn -- you will put him first before anyone. I do love you."

Ste had similar complimentary words for the mother of his child, and when the two left the meeting, they shared a warm hug. But will their civil rapport last, or will they resort back to their old bickering ways? Keep watching the two and their toddler every Monday on Teen Mum on Monday at 10/9c.